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Who We Are-

Web Autism(A unit of Holistic 2  Healthy Pvt Ltd) is  providing Holistic Care to all Special Need Children by Doctor and Dietician Consultation, Online/Onsite Parents Training, Home Therapy plan, Online Courses, AI Assistance in innovative way of Interventions with scientific base for the best outcome of special Child.
We are focusing on Functional Medicine to treat the root cause of diseases. We are focusing on parents training to enable them provide 24X7 care to autistic child without spending regular time and money on it.

It will be very painful if you notice that your child has Autism symptoms. Your next question will be

& Pain may increase further if you don’t know the answers of these questions



Web Autism | Digital Care Of Autism

Our Mission

To Make every child an asset including Autistic Children.

Our Vision

To be the best quality child health screening platform globally.

Our Objective

Our vision is to make every person an Asset by ensuring Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional & Spiritual health through integrated approach at Global level.

How can we help you

Online solutions for 24X7 care of Autistic child at home on affordable price.

Our experienced & committed professionals & therapists will help you to guide further.

You should not run here & there for therapies only, because therapies will cover 1-2 hours & 22-23 hours care will be done by you. So you should adopt a holistic approach of care. Which includes

  • Doctor Consultation,
  • Therapies (Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy),
  • Diet,
  • Exercise,
  • Education &
  • Parental training etc.

How it works?

3-Step Protocol Used In Web Autism

Here’s how more than 1000 families have successfully implemented our 3-step framework to develop amazing outcomes for their loved one.

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Detailed Requirements Assessment

We start with a detailed assessment of your child’s requirements and strengths. This could include a range of evaluations including communication, behavioral and intellectual skills. At the end of each assessment, we decide key growth objectives and development milestones.




At the end of the assessment , we design a set of goals that are closely guide the therapy & help in measuring improvements for your child. Our goals are created using a S.M.A.R.T framework – in a way that is easily implemented by parents, caregivers and educators.


Implementation Protocol

The importance of Web Autism lies in its implementation strategy. You don’t need to wait for years to see the progress. Rather, progress takes place every month by taking small steps.

Every week, our experts will help you implement a set of strategic work and activities. We focus on gradual progress, not perfection. If we are making progress every month, we will continue developing momentum using this strategy. Otherwise, we will review the plan for better results.

Implementation protocol

Children learn skills 2 to 5 times faster using Web Autism's protocol!

Development by regular Therapy takes more time to see improvement in children. We guide & train families to incorporate strategies throughout daily routines, like meal time,or other activities of daily living.

Focus on 24×7 care

We focus on in 24 hours care not only on 1 to 2 hours therapy, so child gets 20 times more opportunities to practice their skills & get better results.

Parent Based Intervention

We focus on evidence based parent mediated home based intervention which will give 5 times more result than traditional therapy, because child will get care in a familiar comfortable environment. 🙂

Focus on Result

You should expect measurable improvement in every 3 months. Otherwise, there is no reason for you to select us for your loved one.

Saving Time & Money

We are training parents, you will become self-dependent for your autistic child care & you will save your time and money both for long term.


We set specific measurable goals to help you understand the improvement clearly.

Evidence based

We utilise strength of your child to train them & you will get better results in less time by evidence based protocol.

Why Should You Choose Us

1. India’s first 24X7 digital care for Autism at home at an affordable price.

2. Your child care will be done by family members, experienced professionals & therapists supervised by a doctor.

3. Based on the holistic approach of care covering the physical, mental, social, behavioral & nutritional status of your child.

4. Customized plan as per the need of your child. Evidence-based protocol, following are evidence for our protocol

When we could see the improvement in our kids?

Improvement is a continuous journey, but you could see visible improvement in 3 months.We will focus on most important skill in designing a monthly plan.

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What age group you select for this protocol?

Our program is most useful for kids between 2 to 12 years of age. Usually, a child’s requirement change as they approach teenage or puberty, so we assess the child & decide on case to case basis.

Which areas you serve?

We are providing online services, so we are able to serve India, USA, UK & Gulf countries.

How much time parents/ Caregiver should give to child?

Usually 1 hour/ day or 7 Hours per week quality time is sufficient along with implementation of other protocols, but if you give more time you will get better results.

What happens after 3 months implementation?

Either they Learn how to care their child & they care by themselves or take a maintenance plan or Take our advanced plan or they continue the same plan with next goal.

What's The Evidence Behind The Web Autism Protocol?

We only practice evidence-based strategies. Our protocol is offered by highly experienced and licenced clinicians . Following are evidences for our protocol-




Do You Offer A Free Trial?

At present, we do not offer a free trial. We have worked with many families, our experience is when families make a small payment to to take our services they tend to value it more & implement it with more commitment, therefore getting better results. We have designed Web Autism Protocol  to be as affordable as possible. It will cost a fraction of traditional therapy and you can cancel anytime. If the value of parents training and self dependency is added, its price is nothing in comparison to value.

Can I take more One-On-One Sessions with a therapists?

Yes. You can take as many sessions as you like.You have to pay accordingly.

Start your first step today to make your child an asset

Our Mentors

Dr Vinay Agrawal, Mentor

Dr Vinay Agrawal

Director, Pushpanjali Medical Centre

Former, National President IMA, Member- MCI, Executive Member, DMC

Dr D K Gupta

Dr D K Gupta

Director, Felix Hospital

Director, Felix Hospital, Paediatrician, Healthcare Entrepreneur, Healthcare Management Expert, Public Health Expert

CEO/ Chief Medical Officer

Dr. D.K. Rai

Dr D K Rai

CEO/ Chief Medical Officer

MBBS, MD, Diploma Mental Health Autism Society of America Certified Functional Medicine & Autism Expert 18+Years Clinical & Managerial Experience Dr D K Rai is strong advocate of Holistic Medicine, integrating modern medicine with alternative medicine, to give synergistic benefit to patients. Positive aspects of all branches will make patient healthy in a lesser time and money.

Our Management Team

Mrs. Anamika Rupa

Mrs Anamika Rupa


Mr. Sachin Verma

Chief Technology Officer

Mr Himanshu Sharma

Chief Strategy Officer

Komal Gautam

Mrs Komal Gautam

Training & Development

Mr. Mritunjay

Mr. Mritunjay

Chief Legal Officer

Our Doctors

My son is hyperactive, for that I had taken Dr. DK Rai's online program. I've seen a tremendous change in his overall behavior in my son. Thanks Web Autism.

Mrs. Sanjana

Web Autism offers very advanced and modern treatments. His way of treatment is different from other people.

Ashok Kumar Dubey

My deep gratitude to all the doctors D.K. Rai and the staff. You all have been really helpful at all hours of the day!! Strongly recommended.

Shruti Shastri

I got quality services under one roof. Their speech therapy, Occupational therapy and special education is detailed and customized according to the needs of a child. Thanks Dr. D.K. Rai for an all in one quality treatment center.

Mrs. Charu Jain