Autism and Speech Guide Advanced

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7 Days



  • What to do when your child is newly diagnosed case of Autism
  • What to do when your child is not improving after various measures
  • Step by Step Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • OT Activities at home with Demo Video
  • Speech Activities at home with Demo Video
  • ABA Activities at home with Demo Video
  • What is Autism
  • Is your Child has Symptoms & Signs of Autism
  • Is your child has Autism or Virtual Autism
  • Is your child has Autism or ADHD or Both
  • Is your child has Autism or Speech Delay
  • Is your Child has Mild, Moderate or Severe Autism?
  • What is 5 component strategy of Autism Management
  • Medical Conditions associated with Autism
  • Diet for Autistic Child
  • 20 Interventions (Therapies) to develop 18 Skills &54 subskills for your child
  • Home Therapy Plan
  • Parents Training
  • How to develop speech in Autism
  • 10 Simple ways to Develop speech
  • Games to improve Speech
  • 12 ways to make speech stimulating Home environment
  • 10 ways to basic needs communication
This course is designed to provide a basic & Advanced understanding of autism and speech challenges. It covers the fundamentals of autism, the impact it has on speech development, and strategies to support individuals with autism in improving their speech and communication skills.

Key Highlights

Gain insights into the autism spectrum disorder

Understand the connection between autism and speech challenges

Learn practical techniques to facilitate speech development in individuals with autism


Unlock the Power of Communication: A Comprehensive Guide to Autism and Speech Development

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of autism spectrum disorder and its effects on speech development.
  2. Identify different speech challenges commonly faced by individuals with autism and their underlying causes.
  3. Explore evidence-based strategies and interventions to promote speech and communication skills in individuals with autism.


  1. Parents of newly diagnosed  Children with Autism
  2. Parents of  Children with Autism not improving after various interventions
  3. Parents of Children less than 4 Years of age to rule out or early diagnosis of Autism
  4. Speech Therapists to improve their skills
  5. Behaviour Therapists to improve their skills
  6. Occupational Therapists to improve their skills
  7. Special  Educators  to improve their skills
  8. Caregivers of Autistic Children
  9. Researchers interested in Autism Research
  10. Anyone who is interested in Autism

Meet Your Instructor - Dr. D.K. Rai

This course is made by Web Autism team under supervision of Dr. D.K. Rai. He has done MBBS, MD. Diploma Mental Health, Certified by Autism Society of America, ASD Certificate California USA, Also Certified by Autism Certification Centre USA, Functional Medicine, Neurolinguistic Programming & Autism Expert with 18 years of Experience.

He is a keynote speaker in many associations including, Indian Medical Association Agra, Bareilly, Faridabad & East Delhi Branch.

Internationally renowned Autism Expert having patients in US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria & India.

He is an Author of Is your Child Autistic. Let Autistic Child Be The Best, Every parent must know, and Corona virus and 4th Industrial revolution Appreciated by the Honourable Governor of UP and Honourable Vice President of India.

Dr. D.K. Rai

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