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Are you suffering from unemployment or decrease in business due to Corona Virus pandemic? Do you want to know how 4th Industrial Revolution will solve your problem in a life changing way? Read This Book. Who should read? – Any person doing Business or Job, Doctors, Women, Youth, Farmers, unemployed person, all nation loving persons, Policy makers and persons interested in making 21st century Indian Century. What will you get in the Book? – How Corona Virus and Fourth Industrial Revolution will affect you & Your Future and its solutions. The impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare providers, Businessmen, Farmers, Women, Youth, and Employees and how the problems raised by COVID-19 could be solved by Fourth Industrial revolution (4IR), and how pandemic will accelerate 4IR? Why should you read? – For making 21st century Indian Century and using crisis as an opportunity.

Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh Smt. Anandiben Patel appreciated our book and gave a letter of appreciation.

Thanks to her.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a dysfunction of neurological network of Brain diagnosed during the early years of life from 0-3 years. It occurs in 1 in 160 Children increasing day by day rapidly. Autism affects important aspects like learning ,social reciprocity and communication among others.
This Book covers Causes, Symptoms , Signs, Investigation and Treatment of Autism. It also covers Preparing Child for Future, Expressing Love to autistic Child, Education from Autistic Perspective, Associated Conditions & Successful people with Autism.

This Book is written for parents for better knowing about your Child growth & Development , Checking mile stones of child development, Knowing any developmental delay and diagnosing it at early stage for better outcome of Child Early Intervention, Dietary Needs for adequate dietary intake, & regular Immunization for Preventing Vaccine Preventable Diseases.

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