In this post, we will get to know that , what are the best brain development toys for your child in India.

1. Wooden Hammer Ball Knock Pounding Bench

This game is an exciting and interesting game, great for helping toddlers develop a solid sense of hand-eye coordination: Firstly, by hitting the balls through the holes with the wooden hammer, then by following the ball with their eyes as it travels on its journey to the bottom.

Young children will be taken in by the Pound N Roll game’s regularly shaped platforms painted in vibrant primary colours, and parents will appreciate the game’s timeless wooden charm.

Let the Ball Roll Again and Again
It’s the best toy to develop your little one’s fine motor skills. They would love it send the ball rolling!

Ergonomic Design
The hammer handle is ergonomically designed for those little hands to give a safe and robust feeling and to keep going

Bright Colors and Smooth Finish
The toy comes in vibrant colours of Red, Green, Blue and Yellow and no sharp edges. Colour recognition is learnt in all fun way while they are fetching and matching the balls

Portable and Easy to Carry
Hammer ball is of the size of adult palm adult and hence can be easily carried along for your little one’s entertainment and training

Robust and Non-Toxic
Made of Pine Wood with non-toxic materials and colors it’s both robust and safe for the preschoolers

2. Body Part Puzzle Kids Wooden Toys for Kids

Educational toys focus on memory retention, motor skills development, coordination, literacy and numbers – all of which help to grow a child’s IQ. The basic function of a normal toy is to provide entertainment and enjoyment.

Educational toys are designed for enjoyment but also to incorporate learning into the play. Through this design children can have the enjoyment of playing with a toy but also develop essential life skills at the same time.

Children develop motor skills through regular playing but educational toys help the process along. Educational toys are specifically designed to enhance motor skills and help hand-eye coordination.

The most common educational toy used to help develop sense and motor skills are building blocks and puzzles. Educational puzzles are a great way for young children to learn problem solving skills and start to learn to use their eyes and their hands to connect different pieces together and complete the puzzle.

One of the main advantages of educational toys is the capacity to challenge the mind of a child. Toys such as educational magnetic puzzles encourage children to think in order to solve a problem.

They can use puzzle toys to see what piece fits where correctly, through trial and error. As they practice and learn more efficient ways to complete puzzles their minds grow and in time they will develop strong problem solving skills.

3. Sensory Balls Toys for Brain Development Soft Silicone

Sensory Balls is made of Soft rubber and have a unique shape that every child will love. It has different colors, textures and Squeaky sounds to keep children engaged and interested.

Different coloured and textured natural rubber balls give sensory stimulation in baby.

They help babies to transfer balls in ‘Cloth Stackers’ during play. Varying textures, colours, and movement patterns on the surface of these balls provide the novelty needed to sustain your baby’s exploration.

Sensory Balls Helps in gross motor skills as child moves towards it and improves hand eye coordination as he holds it. It is also good for sensory play.

4. Shumee Wooden Number & Shape Sorting House

Numbers & shapes sorter wooden house with 6 colorful panels, 3 wooden bars and screws with drop in openings for numbers 0 to 9 & 7 easy to grip shapes.

Introduces preschoolers to basic concepts like addition, subtraction, and time as they play with the + and – signs and learn to combine digits.

Skillset: Teaches math’s & concepts of time. Encourages creativity, problem-solving, sensory & fine motor skills.

Suitable for ages: 18 months+, Easy to carry

Handcrafted in India: 100% eco-friendly wooden and bright natural, non-toxic, water-based paints, child safe. No batteries, no plastic. Tested and Certified by ASTM international toy standards.

5. Poco Magnetic Imagination Shapes - with 102 Magnetic Shapes

Contents102 magnetic shapes. (shapes set size is 16 x 16 cm, total 2 sets)2 Magnetic canvas. (The size of the magnetic canvas is 20 X 20 cm)Pattern booklets. (340 patterns in total) 2 Display stand.

2 trays for storing the shapes. Key FeaturesInfinite possibilities.Imagination building.Spatial and motor skills development.Learning tool.Suitable for both boys and girls.Fun for all age groups.

(Above 4 years)Use 102 colorful magnetic shapes to make birds, animals, vehicles, objects and many amazing things. There is a magnetic canvas inside on which the kids can make hundreds of different patterns. We have given a pattern book with 300+ patterns to help the kids get started.

There is a display stand as well so that parents can put their child’s creations on display.This is a perfect toy for 1-2 kids to spend their time indoors exploring and developing their creative skills. The toy is engaging for both boys and girls. It makes an amazing birthday gift.

Fun with Shapes is an excellent imagination building and learning tool. It cultivates problem solving skills in children. It improves their geometric and spatial understanding. Kids pick up, pinch and grasp pieces and move them around. This leads to fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.

When you display your children’s creations (display stand included) it gives them a morale boost and helps build their confidence.

6. Wooden Capital Abc S Tray with Knobs

All alphabets come out of their cavities by lifting them from their knobs.

When the child lifts the alphabet, he/she will find the object that starts with that alphabet right under it!

Value Addition: Back of the tray has the alphabets printed in random order. Have the child identify the alphabet and place the correct cutout on top of it.

Now you know if your child has really learnt his/her alphabets

7. Wooden Beads Maze Puzzle Game Roller Coaster

This is a combination of 3 different colour maze tracks along with varied shape and themed colour beads. Colours and themes (animals) attract babies; hence, this is the toy that will keep the baby occupied for a longer time. No assembly required, all components are fitted to move around on the roller-coaster wires.

Activity Centre

This toy helps in developing a wide range of skills with hand-eye coordination topping the list. It also helps in inhibiting the skills of early shape and colour recognition. Of all it develops problem solving, logical and out of the box thinking. Aptly called the activity centre for toddlers!

Intuitive Design

This classic toy features 30 brightly coloured wooden beads in a variety of shapes and sizes for children to swoop and slide along the 3 roller-coaster wires.

Explorative Play Concept

The colourful theme of the toy helps in attracting the child’s attention to a great extent. Beads designed in the shape of different animals and birds develops kid’s knowledge of recognizing animals at an early stage.

Carry anywhere

This is easy to carry at all places. It can be sneaked into the diaper bag and carried even in long trips. The beads are completely intact and do not fall out, making it a hassle-free toy.

8. Toyshine LED Flashing Pop Tube Fidget for Autism Anxiety Stress Relief Toys

Great Sound & Bright LED light: These LED pipes will make “Bang bang bang” special sound when you stretch or squeeze it. Kids will be attractive by the sounds and shapes they made, It is also an awesome way to engage young minds, kids will entertain for hours on end.

Educational: You can make these pop tubes into learning shapes like ABC alphabet letter, 1 2 3 numbers, or even make them as heart, round or any other shapes, keeps the creative flowing.

Special Sensory Toys: What a fun sensory fidget toy, these tubes are perfect for the kids who have sensory issues. It also perfect for adults release their stress.

9. 2 Pieces Learning Pack Jigsaw Puzzle

As children shape their own worlds with our toys, it delights us for bringing a positive impact on the world they live in today. It also gives us immense hope that these future makers and inventors will lead us to a brilliant tomorrow. We are a proud ‘Make In India’ toy manufacturer, now ready to export the Indian values and inventiveness to the world.

  • Webby Educational Pre-school Action word Puzzles are perfect learning & entertainment tool for age group 2+ kids that gives brain a boost and helps increase concentration and develop fine motor skills.
  • 10 different puzzles with bright colors. Set of ten puzzles with different Pieces, help children learn quickly. Each puzzle has colorful pieces, which easily attract the attention of kids.
  • We believe child and parent bonding are very necessary specially in these modern times. Our engaging puzzles nurture patience and cooperation and gives parents more times to interact with child
  • Great educational and learning toy for toddlers. Perfect gift for 2+ Years kid.

10. Wooden Dominos Blocks Set, for kids

A Must-Have Toy: It is a must-have toy in the growth of every child, funny and interesting for your little one.

Cultivate Creativity & Imagination: Child can create various patterns, which can help your children to encourage creativity, enhance their imagination, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination.

Increase Parent-Child Communication : If you order the building blocks, it will be a great opportunity for parents and children interact together which can increase parent-child communication and create a wonderful memory.

Great Variety in Colors:Bright, vibrant colors makes this toy easy to attract kids attention.In the process of building a model,child can identify a variety of colors, master the structure of space, to improve the child’s creative thinking ability.

High Quality Material: Approved ASTM and CPSIA test.Excellent selection of natural wood, wear-resistant and durable,and use environmental protection water paint, non-toxic and odourless. With smooth edge of each shape, it is safe and harmless for kids to play.

Final words

So, according to the experts, above mentioned products are the best brain development toys for your child in India.

I hope that this article will surely help you, If you have any query regarding the toys for your child, please drop your questions in the comment box below. I will be happy to answer you.

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