Promote Your School

1-Online Consultation Support for Children in emergency during school time

2- Opportunity to use Web Autism Logo

3- Promotion through our website & Social Media

Complete Medical Support

  • Health Check-up of Children Monthly/ Quarterly
  • Doctor Visit on site Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly
  • Dietary Advice of Children for better development

Teacher Training Module

Our team will train your teachers on

  • How to handle a hyperactive child?
  • How to increase attention & focus in children?
  • How to handle children with special needs?

Holistic Health Screening

Holistic Health Screening of your school children covering-

  • Physical growth & Development
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Nutritional Health
  • Social Health
  • Detailed advice to improve them

Opportunity to open special wing in your school


  • Special child will also get admission in your school
  • Number of children will increase.
  • Your franchisee demand will increase.
  • You will get additional source of income with or without Investment.
  • Your school can be promoted as an inclusive school.